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Getting Personal- Meet Endless

Ralph Clanton-Senior Judge & Co-Owner
It all started for me after my first spin in my dad's 65 383 Automatic Plymouth Sports Fury....then I really ,really got into cars when I got into auto shop at Centereach HS and my friends. I started helping out at a friends body shop. I had a few Mopars over the years as well as my fair share of  70,75,76 and 2010 Camaro's.  Did my first motor with my friend on a 68 Pontiac. MY BIGGEST REGRET... selling my 67 GTO Convertible...OH MAN! Trips to National Speedway ,Westhampton & Nicholls Rd for some racing! My love for cars continues to this day, and Endless Summer helps me live the dream!


Jenny Goodman- Senior Judge & Co-Owner

Daughter of Ernie Goodman. Almost every Sunday of my childhood spent in the pit or spectator sides of Westhampton , National Speedway  and sometimes even Englishtown. Put it on the trailer , take it off the trailer ...time trials....race.. maybe break out... or maybe take home trophy.. back on the trailer until next weekend... lol.. yep. I have a thing for Muscle Classics, Hot Rods, Drag and Pro Streets. Dad's apprentice for many Mopar builds over the years both race and street. Home School of Hemi building! Always had a natural true passion for cars.It's hard to get me off the line no matter what I'm driving!  I am so thankful for what I learned from my dad and my involvement with cars from a very young age. I am amazed on how far technology, craftmanship & performance has changed in a short period of time... the levels that cars can be taken too is unbelievable.. being part of Endless Summer helps illuminate these changes up close & vividly..  My professional background aside of my passion for cars & show judging is Marketing,Advertising,Logistics and Distribution. My Co-Ownership opportunity with this great team could not be passed. A truly exciting ride! Thank you POP!

Vince Panicola-Judge
Vince Panicola is an avid car collector.  He has been in the hobby since the early 80’s and has restored many cars over the years. While concentrating mostly on Ford Motor company products, he has an appreciation for all makes and models. He currently owns a 1955 Ford Crown Victoria, a 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente Convertible, a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle Sedan, a 1983 Chevy Monte Carlo and a 1966 7-Litre, 4 speed convertible (the only one on Long Island). In addition to restoring cars, he is the Creator and manager of the 7-Litre Website and the International 7-Litre Registry.

Dean Somerville- Senior Judge
I have always had a thing for engines big and small, i grew up with go karts, mini bikes, motorcycles and my 1st car a 1965 mustang 2+2 fast back, 289, 3 speed on the floor. I learned to wrench on cars working
 on a friends 67 Camaro he street raced. After 5 engines, 4 transmissions and 3 rear ends, I was hooked. National Speedway, West Hampton, Main Street in Smithtown and Jack in the box in Centereach. I  even enrolled in my high school’s Auto Shop program. I joined the Long  Island Chevy Owners Association 1980 to 1987. I owned 2 Mustangs, 3 1969 Firebirds, a 74 Camaro and a 71 Chevelle. I also worked 8 years
in the auto parts industry. Then life started to change, marriage,  kids, etc. Now joining up with Endless Summer it just takes me back, I  love the classics and all that’s new. The best of all is spending
 quality time wit my daughter Lindsay who is also a car nut and judge  like her dad.
Todd Cheever-Senior Judge

  My love of cars started when I was about seven years old, working with my father on the family’s 1965 Pontiac Catalina. Those times were the root of the total connection, and passion I have for the automobile. The byproduct of that connection was the speed aspect, which my cousin took care of one crisp fall day. He had just got back from Vietnam and he bought a 1969 Road Runner with a 426 Hemi and a 4 speed. He drove it down to LI from Massachusetts and he took me for a ride I will never forget. The absolute raw power and torque that car had is something I have not experienced to date.

   Over the years I have owned many makes and models of cars, from sports cars to four door family cars. One of my favorite cars was my 1970 RS Camaro. I made many modifications to the car one being rebuilding the 350 cid motor. When I was done it was a 355 cid with a dyno HP of 455. Back in 1978 that was a respectable number for a street car. I had some real fun with that car, on many unsuspecting people.I have had a few really different Chrysler products as well. My favorite one of those was a 1974 Fury III. This car was bought from the Delaware State Police, at auction. It was a Highway Patrol chase car with a 440, a heavy duty torque flite trans, and 12 boltposi, rear. This 4300 lb. four door monster would turn 13.80 all day at the track by just turning the key. Now anyone that has known me for years knows I did a lot with that car and the twin 1975 Fury I also had.

   Today I live through all the great people I meet and there amazing cars. I miss the days I owned those cars but my wife and I will buy one soon enough when I retire. It truly has been special working and judging over the many years with everyone.


Lindsey Somerville- Judge
I have always had a strong interest in the automotive world. Ever  since I was a young the passion I had for cars was like no other.  Joining this great team along with my father Dean, created a  father-daughter bond that has become unbreakable. My father helped  spark my interest in cars, He taught me the basics, to respect a car  no matter my personal opinion and we went on from there. As I’ve grown  up I started learning new things and became more involved in the car world. I have learned more about different types of racing, different  combinations to get the best out of certain engines and most of all to  appreciate the time, effort and craftsmanship put into a car. To think  back now to 7 years ago when we first started judging, I would have
 never thought I would know as much as i do now.



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