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The History .....

Awesome illustration right? This image was illustrated by

Cody Lanford


 in Missouri. For more of Cody's work please checkout his website!(click on image for direct link) Big Thank you to Cody for allowing us to use his image that truly captures some of the traditional Endless Summer vibe!

Endless Summer Car Shows was started in the mid 80's and many of the judges had 25-30 years experience. Some of our past judges were automotive professionals, insurance adjusters, Dupont paint techs, Auto Mechanics, Auto Part Professionals and Detailers. Most of all are hobbyists just like you.

Endless Summer Judges were best known for the original Son of the Monster Mash Car Show each October at Bald Hill. They also judged shows for the NY Autofest in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. Of course we can't forget judging shows for Sun Chevy and the original annual Cruise to the show at Eisenhower Park, presented by Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano.

Endless Summer Car Shows was started in the mid 1980's by Rich O; it was also known as the ATV shows produced & hosted at least 4 car shows a year, two spring and two fall, including The Original Monster Mash at one point giving away two complete cars built by Chassis Connection: 1 - 1978 tubbed Camaro & the second  a 40 Willies Coupe. As NASCAR exploded in the south Rich decided to move his promotion company GRP to Moresville, leaving the Endless Summer Car Show company to the employees/ judges. As with many businesses, when the leader steps down the business flounders and falls apart. As luck would have it, two of the judges and didn't want to let it fall away. Eventually the two contacted Rich O and asked to retrieve the name Endless Summer Car Shows for a new partnership of 10 people , The Original Endless Summer Championship Car Shows was formed.


After a few years ,the majority of partners retired,moved and had life changes,the judges staff changed a few times and a couple of partners passed there ownership on to former judges.
Endless Summer Championship Car Shows as you know presented Long Island famous car show

 The Showdown at Splish Splash Water Park in 2012,2013 & 2014. Now,present day 2023, Endless is still going strong.

Now with two remaining partners/judges Ralph Clanton and Jennifer Goodman being natural car enthusiasts , knowing how important it was to keep Endless Summer alive & carry on with integrity,professionalism, honest , experienced judging, hosting and organizing tradition. They have made every effort to improve on what was already good within the organization better. Building relationships with our fellow car loving peers ,appreciation for our contestants,sponsors and locating a team of excellent auto experienced fair judges.We vow to continue with our best to support the charities , clubs & organizations that need help with presenting, organizing & fundraising and will continue to do a few shows a season. Endless Summer appreciates all of the past & present support from all of you, and we promise to continue bringing you a well organized ,fun and fairly judged show experience .



Endless Summer is focused on providing high-quality official judging, show organizing & car show event service. Customer, contestant & spectator satisfaction is our priority  - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations if you are hosting a car show event. 
 With a variety of offerings to help you with you're show we're sure you'll be happy working with us. You will find past show pictures, videos, stories interview and information on upcoming shows. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
Enjoy the ride through!

Why Us?

      Not About the Money Honey...Here's the True Scoop!

Their is a huge misconception in the car community on LI... we guess we can't blame people.. a few bad apples really can spoil the bunch. Some of you think that car show presenters are just raking in the dough.. and don't do it for the right reasons.. The vehicles. Well... we want the truth to be told at least about us... Integrity.

Just because we are a registered business and do promote a few of our own shows DOES NOT MEAN we are making millions! Some of you may even call us dummies... 80% of our shows are done for other people. In other words we are highered to Judge,park organize & present. The fee we charge just about covers our exspenses like Judges,lunch and trophies if we provide  for the show. When we do our own shows maybe 1 or 2 a season, after staff, judges food,venue,trophies & awards,shirts ,giveaways,raffles show promoton, gas to promote, countless all nighters planning,permits,insurances.& more & when we do a fundraiser .... HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU THINK WE REALLY MAKE???   So you ask Why would you bother???    (continued top right)


 We love the people we meet , the cars we see, the effort people put into these cars and where it can be taken..We love awarding in appreciation to these people for there works of art ,effort,detail,care,preservation,restoration,unique,cutomized

both modifieds,  stock ...they are driving museums... you can say living the dream of cars with our contestants. LI doesn't get enough credit for how many truley outstanding cars & the craftmenship we have here. Car Shows gives a sense of getting it out there and a place for all to showcase their works and cherished cars.

Some people saved there whole lives for that dream car and they want to show it.

Preservation of car enthusiasm is an important aspect ,very important. Especially in a age of digital distractions for our young.. next generation.

So there.. you have it... Straight from the horses mouth , not  it's _ss!

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